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Duwaco (Anhui) Co., Ltd

Duwaco (Anhui) Co., Ltd
A2 Factory, Yaohai Industry Part, Yaohai District, Hefei
Anhui, 230011

Tel: 0086 18326676536
Fax: 0086 0551 62113893

Contact: Ada Tang, Sales manager
Email: Send Inquiry

Type of Business: Manufacturer, Exporter
Certification: CE
Contract Manufacturing: ODM Services Offered
Harmonized System Codes: 8415 8419

Business Message

DUWACO is a well-known brand in Europe, especially in Holland and in Belgium.

DUWACO provides heat pump water heaters, Air Ventilators, Air Conditioner, Solar panels, heating system, with show rooms both in Holland and in China for visiting.

DUWACO new product: The AIO Multi Tanks (all-in-one): Cooling in summer; heating in winter; hot water.

Freight: freight of samples will be charged first and balanced in former orders.

Duwaco Air source heat pump ventilation system is a rooftop air conditioner, with intelligent automatic air exchanging system. Allow me to explain it in three aspects.
The automatic air ventilating function is controlled by the system based on the CO2 concentration. If the CO2 concentration is over the default value, the system will work for a while to make sure the concentration is under control. The reference parameters can be set by the users.
About the air energy collecting function, the system is always collection air source energy. If the air conditioner is on, the system collects energy from the exhausting air and the inlet air. If the air conditioner is off, the system collects energy in one way
The air ventilation system can change the air and cooling/heating at the same time.


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